Our Story

In June 1998 The Agape Puppets came from America to Murlough House Dundrum, Co. Down. Their aim was to train and equip a local puppet team. They did many shows in the Newcastle area of Down and also held some training seminars on a Friday night and all day Saturday.

Only one person attended on both days, myself, Sam Shaw. I felt sorry for the team coming all the way from America to Ireland and only one other person turning up each day. I never thought I would see them again nor have anything more to do with puppets. God had other ideas and I am still leading the team.

Since then a number of children who had just happened to attend some of those first programs in 1998 made up the nucleus of the team for many years. Now it is mostly myself, Sam, Silvana, my wife (I met her on a mission in Brasil), our daughter and friends who deliver the programs.

The team has had the privilege of doing programs all over Ireland, in churches, parishes, schools and on the streets as well as in England, Scotland and much further a field. They have made trips to train and equip others in Ukraine, South Africa, Germany and Brazil. In addition we have travelled with “The Agape Puppets” who share with over 60,000 children a year.


Church Programs from Godshandiwork on Vimeo.